Things I'm into this week

  1. RyanAir
    I'm going to Switzerland and Amsterdam this week. It didn't cost too much. Thanks, RyanAir.
  2. Tea
    Why is tea not a thing in the states?? I'm freaking out, it's so good. I'm taking back at least one box in my suitcase on the way home
  3. Digestives
    Goes along with my tea obsession. Can't stop. It's getting bad.
  4. Scarves
    Scarves are such a thing here in Dublin. Everyone is wearing them, constantly. I actually brought a bunch of scarves with me from the States, but I've already bought a new one. This is mostly thanks to Penney's being dirt cheap.
  5. The new trailer for La La Land
    This just looks like everything I want from life. Sadly it comes out in Ireland like a month later than the US, so I'm gonna have to wait till Christmastime to see it. Kind of a bummer.
  6. O'Connell House
    Guys. There's this place in Dublin that feeds me and lets me borrow books and takes me on field trips and to plays and drink tea whenever I want during working hours. God bless it and its staff
  7. Vegan kebabs
    Went to a vegan kebab place in Basel this weekend. It was 🔥🔥🔥
  8. Schnitzel
    Has schnitzel at least twice this weekend. Was also 🔥🔥🔥🔥