This Week's "Into It"

I thought about doing that thing where I just make one "into it" list and then add to it all the time, but I like having them separate. That kind of list would get way too long anyways.
  1. Stranger Things
    Still just as good as it was when I watched all 8 episodes in one night over the summer
  2. The Princess Bride by William Goldman
    I've heard for a long time how great this book is, but I was content with the movie and felt no need to read the source material. Then the other day I saw it in my sister's room and snatched it up. Not finished, but loving it so far.
  3. Irish Breakfast Tea
    Just got home from Ireland. Brought back 200 bags of Barry's tea in my suitcase. Am enjoying it.
  4. Sing Street
    I just got done watching this and I'm obsessed. It's got a decent dose of 80s nostalgia, and a ton of good music. It's funny and sad and hopeful all at the same time. "Happysad," you might call it. Also, I want to get this poster and hang it up in my room.
  5. "How We Feel" by Panama
    I have a pretty substantial January playlist already, but I basically skip through all the songs until this one plays. I like it a lot.