1. This can't be that hard! Practically the entire study abroad program is going, there's no way everyone would be going if it was actually a tough climb.
  2. I'm so prepared! Claire and I bought hiking boots, I have water, I brought an apple to eat...this'll be great.
  3. Oh man, that is a tall mountain.
  4. All we've climbed so far is a few stairs at the base of the mountain and I am already winded.
  5. Look at all these people climbing this mountain! I am reasonably physically fit! I must be able to do this if they can! There are literally old people doing this!
  6. I am dying
  7. I thought we were going to stop for water breaks??? When is the water break???
  8. People are passing me, lots of people are passing me...
  9. Small children are literally sprinting up this mountain! What do these people know that I don't?? Why is this not hard for them???
  10. Maybe I should work out every once in a while, lift some weights or something.
  11. I am literally going to turn around at the next water break. This is the worst decision I've ever made in my life.
  13. Speaking of running down the mountain...How am I going to get down this mountain?? Im sure as fuck not running. I'm not even at the top yet but the thought of going down is already giving me anxiety.
  14. Wow this flat part is nice!
  15. Shit the flat part is over and now we're basically going straight up. Help me.
  16. People keep asking me if I'm okay and I'm acting casual but rocks keep slipping and this mountain thing is stressing me out.
  17. If I die on a pilgrimage to a holy mountain, does that make me a martyr? Maybe St Patrick will put in a good word for me despite all the church I've missed this summer.
  18. St Patrick literally climbed this mountain BAREFOOT. How does that even work? I have €99 hiking boots from an outdoor store on Grafton Street and I think I am probably going to perish here.
  19. Now Ruaidhrí's talking about how HE climbed this thing barefoot... Literally wtf is wrong with people
  20. Shoes were invented for a reason. You can't just ignore that and go nuts. This makes no sense.
  21. Holy shit I made it to the top! And the view is amazing!
  22. Fuck I still have to get all the way back down.