1. Hi! My name is Michaela.
  2. I am the youngest of three sisters.
    But I'm still Eliza Schuyler.
  3. I could perform a one-woman show of any of the following
    The School of Rock, Wicked, any singular song from Hamilton (I'm not strong enough to do the whole show. Not yet.)
  4. I will fall in love with anything that is lavender - colored or scented
  5. I have the most eclectic music taste probably ever
    One Direction? Yes. Drake? Mhm. Frank Sinatra? Here for it. Death Cab for Cutie? Plz & ty. Les Mis soundtrack? On it. Earth Wind & Fire? I'm down for the get down. Beyoncé? Yez. Lorde? Already playing probably.
  6. I've met Oprah
  7. I've met Josh Peck
  8. I did not tell Josh Peck about the time I met Oprah
    I regret this every damn day.
  9. I think makeup is one of the most under-appreciated art forms that exists
  10. Up until about two months ago I had never ridden a bike
  11. My best friend is @hannahbee and I count our friendship as one of my greatest accomplishments
  12. I want my hair to be the same length it is now when I am 80 years old
    It goes down to my hips. Not sure how practical this one is but ya live and ya learn.
  13. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to end lists yet.
  14. Bye!