Albums that changed my life

I could put albums like something from the Beetles or Elvis which both influenced me greatly but I was introduce to them by my mom and uncle. The following, in no particular order, were found by me or a peer.
  1. I admit this was my moms. I use to listen to this entire album as a young child. I was mesmerized. Beautiful voices. Telling a story of love and hate. I hadn't even seen the musical or movie but could picture almost every scene. Turned me on to musicals at such a young age.
  2. Already a fan when I found this but it made me realize Morrissey and Marr were geniuses. I played I know it's over a million times in the dark
  3. Here comes your man was catchy but monkey gone to heaven was rocking and powerful also wave of mutilation. I bought all the pixies stuff I could after this. No wonder Curt Cobain was influenced by them
  4. License to ill. Who knew three white Jewish boys could rap so well and introduce millions of white suburban kids to rap.
  5. The cure singles. My first introduction to the band. Loved every song on this. Had to have more cure.
  6. This was the first CD I got along With my first CD player. Good thing it was a double disc
  7. Punk days before high school I think.
  8. Not my first REM album. But one I loved and played over and over. Made me rethink my love for this band. Political and rocking I know Document was more political but I got green first.
  9. Learned you don't always need a guitar to make great music followed this backward to joy division.
  10. Prince...RIP this was sexy, rocking, synth, able to dance to it. What wasn't great about this album.
  11. To be honest I don't know if I ever really bought this album but two of the songs on here made me a long time fan. Sunday Bloody Sunday. Great f&@$ing song. I think Joshua tree was the first I bought of them. Side note saw U2 and the pixies in Detroit on the same bill.
  12. I was a fan of early michael Jackson. The man could dance! And the songs were so catchy.
  13. Loved loved this album. Still listen to tracks off this.
  14. This introduced me to sia and I enjoy her music so much. Such a great singer songwriter. Such a strong women. Looking forward to more from her.
  15. Morrissey. My all time favorite singer songwriter. The man has deep lyrics. He is profoundly funny and witty. This album made me feel good that he wasn't just going to fade away after the smiths broke up.
  16. So many more the list could go on. Like Blonde, the clash, rage against the machine, blur. Etc etc let me know what you think. There are a few more but ran out of time.