Inspired by a similar list from @candi
  1. Booking Producer, MSNBC
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    For MSNBC Dayside, The Reid Report and currently MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts. Has taken me everywhere from the Vatican to Ferguson.
  2. Associate Producer, "The Jerry Springer Show"
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    The highlight was getting to help write lesbian poetry, hillbilly wedding vows, transgender rap songs. There were a lot of low points.
  3. Audience Page and Freelance Monologue Contributor, "The Late Show with David Letterman"
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    Best job I ever had and My Favorite Year
  4. Barista, Starbucks
    This was at the Starbucks in Times Square. I made it two days before deciding never to return.
  5. Account Coordinator, Six Degrees Inc.
    "Mike - you're a young guy. You play video games?" "No." "Great - you're now in charge of marketing for GameStop"
  6. Promotions/Marketing - various
    The most memorable was when I was the Einstien Bagel Boy in the suburbs of Chicago.
  7. Freelance Contributor, "The Morning Fix" radio show
    On Q101 in Chicago
  8. Production Intern, WTTW
    Worked on "Chicago Tonight"
  9. Morning Radio Intern, "The Wank and O'Brien Show"
    My name was Intern Bobo and I was a minor celebrity in Indianapolis. Most common question: "Aren't you the guy who peed himself on the air for $50?"