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  1. Nürnberg, German - where I was born
  2. Australia
  3. Santorini
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  1. Saying "I love you"
    I've made it a practice of telling people I love what they really mean to me on a consistent basis. I don't get it from others much - which bothers me, but not as much as it used to. I just don't wanna leave room for doubt. What if I stopped? Would they notice? Would they know? Do I 'show it' enough?
  2. Beating myself up
    I don't like not liking myself but it would be weird to be any different. What would happen if I stopped beating myself down for the little things and giving myself the same grace I give to others? What would happen if I stopped allowing the internal dialogue that says things I'd never tolerate being told to someone I love?
A dark cloud held back by strong hands. Sometimes, I don't know why, he lets them through and color drains everything I touch. Everything I see. Because I forget, I hope to collect things said about me that would serve me (and others) well to remember.
  1. Sunday, April 23, 2017 - Drive home from Penny and Sparrow w/Noah
    I don't remember everything he said but I know he sees and appreciates the things I remember and the attention to all the little details. "You make people feel comfortable." "There are things about you that people wish they had too."
  2. Tonight w/Grae
    Tonight I just kept Grae up for a little bit. We watched Moana, played in mommy's new and he played for a little bit. He's the sweetest most affectionate little boy. I'm gonna miss these years.
  1. Finding Vivian Maier
    John Maloof and Charlie Siskel direct this documentary about a mysterious nanny who took over 150,000 photographs of street life in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles during the ’50s and ’60s. When Maloof stumbled on a box of photographic negatives at an auction, he had no idea he would be revealing Vivian Maier’s previously unseen work to the world. Her hobby became her posthumous legacy, and the documentary is a testament to the importance of creating art even if no one is looking at it.
  2. Notes on Blindness
    In 1983, just before the birth of his son, writer John Hull began to lose his sight. He tracked all of the changes he experienced on tape recordings and in writings, and this 2016 documentary bravely and boldly compiles and shares Hull’s experience with the world. Through interviews and the original recordings, we are pulled directly into the mind of a man who is losing his sight in adulthood.
I'm fascinated by my dreams. I forget them too quickly. I'll collect them here.
  1. Ahmad in Afghanistan
  2. Prison camp in Afghanistan
  3. Arrested in Dubai
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People who walked right in and changed everything. In no particular order. In fact, I'm not convinced one could exist independent of the other.
  1. Sara Elizabeth - 06/2005
    There's no great place to begin. I would have ended things a long time ago had it not been for her.
  2. Judith Marie - 06/1982
    She's why I'm here. Her compassion and selflessness changed everything.
  3. Grae Michael - 05/2013
    "We love because He first loved us" 1 John 4:19
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A collection of stories, sayings or accusations I've listened to over the years; now I know better.
  1. Vulnerability is weakness
    It's quite the opposite. Vulnerability is always a risk but it's far from weakness. It's a sign of maturity, perspective and trust. Some of the bravest moments in the last five years have required extreme vulnerability and extreme "known"ness.
  2. Your need for affection means there's something wrong with you.
    I was hard-wired for intimacy and connection. I thrive on meaningful connection with people and with God. That's the way he wants me.