1. "If you have to ask yourself if she's the ones, she's probably not" - Dad
  2. "If that's the worst mistake you make, you're doing pretty good!" - Dad
  3. "If you don't ask the answer is always no." - Martin
  4. "Assume the sell." - Dad
  5. "Don't fall for sales. If something is discounted today, it can be discounted tomorrow." - Dad
  6. "Don't invest in something you're not an expert in." - Dad
  7. "If you stick your hand out, someone will shake it." - Dad
  8. "You can do anything" - Mom
  9. "If 70% of your potential clients aren't telling you to go fuck yourself after you tell them your rates, then you're charging too low" - Martin
  10. "When people stop critiquing you, they've given up on you" -- Coach Peck