Inspired by Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal making up fake TV shows
  1. 6 dates
    You have to wait 6 dates before sleeping together
  2. 3 Shots
    Sponsored by Jose Cuervo, you and your date each get 3 tequila shots to break the ice
  3. Momma knows best
    Your mom curates 3 dating options for you to choose from each day
  4. Weekend Away
    You spend your first date as an overnight out of town
  5. Pizza my heart
    Dating app for pizza lovers
  6. Leap of fate
    First date is an adrenalin filled activity like hang gliding or bungee jumping
  7. Good on paper
    You evaluate the date based only on their resume without meeting them or seeing a photo
  8. Between
    Dating app for people not looking for a long term relationship who are also not looking for a one night stand