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  1. All eligible women have chosen for me to be single
  2. I'm doing things my way
  3. My way is the wrong way
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  1. Borderline Depression
    "Ive already watched 13 episodes of The Office today. I don't feel like putting on pants."
  2. Slight Motivation
    "Surly I can find something to do in this house."
  3. Slight fade back into depression
    "I've already paced the house 8 times, looked in the refrigerator 9, and my pants aren't looking any cozier."
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  1. When people say "nice mustache"
My favorite quotes hand picked and harvested fresh from one of my good friends. Context is unnecessary.
  1. "He who listens to the heart doesn't actually have to listen to his neighbor"
  2. "He who sins in the heart, sins in the flesh"
  3. "Dogs enjoy honesty"
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