1. Borderline Depression
    "Ive already watched 13 episodes of The Office today. I don't feel like putting on pants."
  2. Slight Motivation
    "Surly I can find something to do in this house."
  3. Slight fade back into depression
    "I've already paced the house 8 times, looked in the refrigerator 9, and my pants aren't looking any cozier."
  4. Hope
    "Hmm, I haven't looked in this closet yet. I didn't even know this was here?"
  5. Epiphany
    "Hey! There's an unopened puzzle! How many pieces are we talking here? 1000! I can do that! It'll take just long enough to keep me busy!"
  6. Reality
    "Are you kidding me? I'm thinking of doing a puzzle? I didn't even know they still existed. What if someone finds out I'm planning to do a puzzle?"
  7. Intimidation
    *dumps the pieces on the table* "Wow. That's just 1000 pieces? How am I supposed to do that?"
  8. Sense of being demoted of Alpha by a piece of cardboard
    "It's just sitting there. One mass of odd smelling, stale pieces looking back at me. It's like it's mocking me. I can't stand for this. I've gotta do it."
  9. Reflection
    "No. This will be good. This will be fun. I mean, how often do I get to just hang out, listen to music and casually work on something that'll exercise my brain? No, yeah. This will be good. This will be fun."
  10. Pumped
    "Hell yeah! Gotta fresh pot of coffee and still no pants! Do your worst, puzzle!"
  11. Pride
    "Got the edges in a pile and the middle in a separate pile. Just gotta do the edges first and then fill it in. No wonder people hate puzzles, they're so easy. Oh look! I already found a couple that fit together!"
  12. Hmm
    "I cannot for the life of me find the edge piece I need. Ahh it's alright, I'll just work on another section!"
  13. Questioning
    "Wow. This is actually a little tougher than I thought it would be. Nonetheless, I will press forward!"
  14. Frustration
    "Yeah, ok. I see why people hate puzzles. Maybe I just need a break."
  15. Refreshed
    "A break is just what I needed! Look! I've already put together 3 of the pieces I was looking for earlier!"
  16. Jubilant
    "Oh yeah. This is coming along nicely. Puzzles are cool. I hope my future wife and I do puzzles together. They're such a good way to relax and spend time with one another. Hey! Maybe our future kids will do them with us! It would teach them essential life lessons such as patience and enjoying the moments of quality over quantity! Yeah, that's going to be so great"
  17. Anger
    "Been staring at this for half an hour. I f***ing hate puzzles."
  18. Determination
    "This sucks. But the end is near. I cant wait to just be done. I'm never doing this again. Lesson learned."
  19. Relief
    "I did it. I freaking did it. It looks so good. Maybe I'll frame it! Yeah! Maybe I'll start doing puzzles to hang around the house! Puzzles are badass."