Words/statements that stress me out because of their exclamatory nature.
  1. When my TV says "No Signal!"
    I feel rushed to find the right input which results in me choosing the wrong input and therefore lengthening the time the TV is silently shouting at me.
  2. Anything containing alternating question marks and exclamation points
    Are you confused or excited?!?!?
  3. "WET FLOOR" signs
    Especially when I see them in places where a drink being spilled is not likely the cause of the wet floor. "Oh my....oh no. What am I stepping in?"
  4. NO RIGHT ON RED signs
    Crap. Did the last 8 lights I turned right on red at also have this sign?
    Because even though I am not an employee nor am I about to not wash my hands, I suddenly feel as though my hand washing is being monitored and judged for thoroughness.
    Whatever is in this box is suddenly a newborn infant holding a glass box containing a newborn kitten in one hand and a kick ass sand castle in the other.
  7. Any title of any list on The List App
    "Oh wow. A bunch of new lists here. Let's see. Oh I'd like to read that. No wait, this one seems more demanding of my time. Ohhh but look how excited @dfly 's new 'THOUGHTS OF...' list seems!"