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    Cranberry sauce
    If the turkey is the star of the meal then cranberry sauce is its best friend. It is the only side dish that you can put on your fork with the turkey and the turkey is better. Well except for...
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    See above.
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    Velveeta Shells and Cheese
    For some reason we always had this at Thanksgiving. Sure, people eat it all year long, but it's good. So who cares?
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    Theory in a Time of Excess: On the Restraint of Theory -- Friday 11am Hilton 311
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    Teaching the "Asian Religions" Survey: Challenges and Opportunities -- Monday 9 am Marriott-International 3
Here are things I cite, reference, or that influenced my response for the "On the Restraint of Theory" panel at this weekend's North American Association for the Study of Religion meeting.
  1. Jacques Derrida
    Not cited but in the background of the whole paper.
  2. Tracy Fessenden's "The Objects of American Religious Studies" article from 'Religion'
  3. This encyclopedia article.
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Things for Saturday
  1. Coffee
  2. A trip to Home Depot
  3. Children running around the house dressed as Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper
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