This a weird one
  1. In 2012 after a few years of thinking I was going deaf I woke up in the middle of the night to see my dog spinning around the room. I stood up and fell over. I made the logical assessment and decided I was dying so I cuddled up to my dog and lay on the floor.
    I didn't die. I woke up in the morning and shook it off.
  2. Two days later I had another vertigo attack.
    This is normal. I just uuhhh ate something weird.
  3. Another one. This one deep in the Lake Tahoe backcountry while skiing.
    Hmmm maybe I should go to a Dr.
  4. My brother drove from LA and we researched ENT's and found a good one.
    I was now having tinnitus, significant hearing loss and random onset vertigo.
  5. After a lot of tests I got a diagnosis.
    Menieres Disease.
  6. The ringing got worse and worse over the next few years. The hearing was almost completely gone on my right ear.
    This took a toll on pretty much every aspect of my life. And the anxiety of wondering when the whole world was going to suddenly tilt and knock me on my ass did no favors.
  7. This summer wasn't the best.
    The ringing got worse. The hearing got worse. But I had Menieres. The only thing to do was not eat salt and make peace w the mosquito in my ear and the slow loss of my hearing.
  8. At the end of the summer spurred by many a thing I decided to Hail Mary and see another doctor. (I should have done this early but the LA doctor was expensive and certain. And I didn't have insurance but then I got SAG)
  9. After ten minutes of talking he says "you don't have Menieres you have Lyme"
    We do a blood test. I test "off the charts" I've had Lyme for at least 5 years. And three other co infections that have been wreaking havoc all over my shit.
  10. I started two months of antibiotics.
    My hearing is coming back! WHAT!!!! And not what like I said every other word for the last five years but WHAT like a rap hype man. The tinnitus is much lowered and I feel like I switched from riding a bike with flat tires in a swamp to being in a supercharged turbo ride. And did I mention I can fucking hear again? This just happened this week and I'm very excited and grateful.