1. Where should I eat?
  2. Where should I drink?
  3. Where should I hike?
  4. Where should I bike?
  5. Hike earnest debs park. Great views of la and Glendale skylines.
    Suggested by   @brianritzi
  6. Silverlake Ramen is 💯. Also I go to Modern Eats on Glendale Blvd a lot and it's delicious. And SILVERLAKE WINE HAS SUCH GOOD WINE. SERIOUSLY WONDERFUL SELECTION.
    Suggested by   @ilana
  7. Village Bakery in Atwater
    Suggested by   @erikaaa
  8. Pho Cafe highly recommended!
    Suggested by   @daveeberg
  9. Eat: Tacos Delta, Forage, Mohawk Bend (good beer self room too), El Condor, Black Cat, Blossom 2, Stella, Trois Familia, Alcove in Los Feliz (brunch), Square One, Squirl (I can't stop)
    Suggested by   @MissKimiya
  10. Drink: Black Cat, Stella, 4100, Covell, El Condor, El Prado, Cha Cha
    Suggested by   @MissKimiya
  11. Hike/bike: Griffith Park has so many trails depending which street you take to get there. Runyon is...interesting...good views of the entire city. Elysian Park is cool for some hiking. Biking towards Los Feliz or Echo Park will be the best way to explore. Ps- welcome to the neighborhood!
    Suggested by   @MissKimiya