Seriously. I have no say in it. I hear something in the ballpark and drop right into these scenes.
  1. Shrubbery
    Search for the Holy Grail. "A nice one, but not too big"
  2. Milk, it's hot, bad choice
    Ron Burgundy storming down the sidewalk MILK WAS A BAD CHOICE
  3. I changed my
    Immediately see @mindy in the speed dating scene from 40 yr old virgin "I moved, changed my number my emaillll" "well, I didn't know that and I'm sorry"
  4. Tom Cruise
    Ricky Bobby running down the race track in his underpants screaming "Tom Cruise use your witchcraft to get the fire off me, help me Oprah Winfrey"
  5. Wings
    TOMMY want wingy
  6. Brake Pads
    "Tommy just sold a half a millllion brake paaaads"
  7. Rouge
    Throw a little rouge on ya, maybe tuck your sack back. (Also from speed dating scene in 40 yr old virgin)
  8. My name is
    INIGO MONTOYA! You killed my father prepare to die!