She has a lot of human friends. They all give her nicknames. These are the ones that stick in a pretty consistent way.
  1. Wiggle Butt
    She's a pit mutt. Shes got a wiggle butt.
  2. DeWi
    Death wish. Shes kind of a lunatic.
  3. Death Wish Kill Move
    Unfortunately in our early days together I did not know the extent of her angers and she bit my fathers dog with what the vet referred to as "a kill move". (Dads dog was totally fine after some good vet work)
  4. Tonya
    She can be very pushy and loud. It's a mixture on a b&t type Tonya and also Tonya Harding. Cause she will f your s up.
  5. Squirrel, Whirl, Twirl
    Her real name is Pearl.
  6. Miss Pearl
    She can be very regal. And also, Pearl is a grandmas name.
  7. Pearl
    She came from the pound with the name Pearl (she's all white) I thought I'd change it but kept saying, "Pearl, your new name is...."
  8. .......
    god only know what she refers to herself as. Probably something like sharpmouthkhalibeastcontrollerofoceanlickerofstreetchickeneaterlovebug