1. A good clean Saran Wrap rip
  2. Wiping up a spill in one stroke
  3. Something that you thought was gonna stain NOT
  4. Getting the key straight into the lock
  5. Getting out of a wetsuit without falling over
  6. Tearing the right size of tape
  7. Folding a cardboard box so it goes right and stays shut.
  8. Waking up alive
  9. Finding a thing you thought was gonna take a while to find really quickly
  10. Answering a two year olds questions of "what is that" properly
  11. Scrambling eggs perfectly
  12. Poaching an egg well
  13. Nailing the parallel park on the first try
  14. Sea of green lights
  15. Finding parking so fast
  16. Scratched CD playing smoothly