These are things humans have to do, so we should learn to do it right and improve to do it with better quality.
  1. Eat
    Plant Based Vegan is the best way I have found to eat.
  2. Sleep
    Need a full 8 hours of sleep on a comfortable place.
  3. Shower
    Hygiene is important to prevent diseases. Taking care of your personal hygiene by showering and cleaning things around you will make you feel better and allow your mind and body to work better
  4. Work
    Finding a career that we love and helps society grow not only entertains us and makes us productive but also serves the greater good.
  5. Breathe
    Finding time to breathe and relax is as important as working. Growth needs rest as much as it does work. Breathing is a simple action that we do not take the time to do correctly which is why many people are anxious and stressed.
  6. Move
    Exercise is the best way to move and make doing other things that require movement easier. If you train your body moving around in the world becomes easier and you have one less problem to worry about.