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  1. Make Blac Chyna a spokesperson?
  2. Then they could have just had Rob Kardashian buy all the artifacts instead of smuggle it themselves.
  3. This is why you should always pick Michaels as your hobby store.
  4. At the very worst, we would have at least hired Nicholas Cage to smuggle the tablets back for us.
  1. Come buy our fucking crafts!
  2. We are having a sale this weekend for all Li.sters!
  3. 65 percent off any single item if you give the bird to any of our employees.
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Inspired by @ShawnKelly @DG @joemurphy
  1. Adopted by Yetis at age 8. This is how the arts and craft store idea came about. We did everything with our hands in the Redwoods.
  2. My birth mom always told me to be sorry not sorry.
  3. Calvin Harris's new song is not about Taylor Swift. It is about me holding him back from his cross stitch business.
    Hey it worked out well for him in the end.
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  1. One ticket to the upcoming Museum Of Bible
    Courtesy of Hobby Lobby
  2. Jo Ann Fabric's water bill
  3. Mosquito eggs
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  1. Business has never been better.
  2. Thanks to Pokemon Go!
  3. We don't need @joannfabrics's shitty fake mice balls. That is the low grade quality you can expect from them. We have the real deal.
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  1. Hobby Lobby
  2. Jo Ann Fabrics
  1. Ramsay Bolton's leftover dog food.
  2. Children's clothing from Tommen.
  3. A date with Petyr Baelish.
  4. This was all that was offered to us this morning at Kings Landing.
  1. Michaels HQ decided last month to move all inventory under the Sept at Kings Landing.
  2. This move saved us millions but insurance would not cover us when they found all the explosives. However, our risk analyst Rickon Stark assured us that the city would not blow up in his lifetime.
  3. Who knew Cersei would go scorched earth!
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