1. We are the largest arts and crafts chain in the United States.
  2. That is a fact. Look it up if you have to.
  3. We are stronger, bigger, and faster than all our competion including @joannfabrics and @HobbyLobby.
  4. You can drug test us but we will fail.
  5. But who the fuck cares. Do you want to be the best at what you do or just a nobody?
  6. Please take a deep breath and worship this God. Words that have never been more true. Amen.
  7. You can find us in Canada as well as 49 states here in Merica.
  8. Why do we not have a store in Hawaii?
  9. Are you serious? We only serve the great continent of North America. Last checked, Hawaii isn't connected to it.
  10. Besides, who has money to arts and craft in Hawaii when you have to spend $20 for toliet paper.
  11. Stop on by and get framing!