1. We got tired of getting hit on by creepy and thirsty dudes so we switched to the other side.Turns out girls also wanted to talk to us.
  2. Rachel is looking for free supplies.
  3. Jenny is our #1 fan 😍
  4. Meghan also wanted to let us know she is a proud Michaels shopper.
  5. Kaitlin enjoys arts and crafts too! Notice a trend? No creeping!
  6. Kimm wanted to know what we are up to. Well if you look on our website you can see that we are currently have a DIY tutorial on monogram pillows!
  7. We will finish up with Ben. Yes, the same Ben from our last post. This guy doesn't know how to stop himself. What is "other"?
  8. Other than one girl looking for freebies, girls just wanted to talk about their passion for arts and craft like us!