Thanks to @joannfabrics.
  1. Yes, we have had a issue of parents constantly leaving their children behind in our stores.
  2. Moving forward, we have made several changes to rectify the situation.
  3. Many of our employees have had to take in children overnight. It is a minor miracle that no one has called the cops yet about kids roaming our stores well past closing time.
  4. The first thing we did was purchase the rights to Discovery Zone! The plan is to have one built in every Michaels by 2050.
  5. Tell us a better way to knock these kids out then a place for them to run around all day. Besides, we pride ourselves on being a Jesus juice free company.
  6. The second thing we are starting up is the 1+1 program made popular by TOMS.
  7. Everytime a customer spends over $50, we will personally ship a kid off to Africa.
  8. All you have to do is enter the code on your receipt if you want to pick who and where to ship them. We will even have Ipads in our stores so you can do it right away.
  9. I know what your are thinking! We live in a time of online shopping.
  10. Don't worry! We are doing the 1+1 for all our loyal online shoppers as well.
  11. After your purchase, visit and enter the promo code!
  12. Finally, we know why you shop at Michaels. We always have the best coupons of course! And boy do we have a deal to jump start our 1+1 program.
  13. This week only, spend $50 online or in store and you get to ship 3 kids to Africa!!!