1. This was our profile picture. We wrote that we loved arts and crafts.
  2. First, meet Clayton.
  3. Straight to the point. Good thing we ordered the nudes the other day!
  4. Meet Cedric. How rude of him to not answer our question!
  5. We sent him a picture of our old logo after the current logo was not enough. What don't you get Cedric? You are talking to a store.
  6. Jason gets it but he prefers classier stores. We are out of his league.
  7. Ethan is honest.
  8. Reed's biggest concern was not talking to a store. It was rather that we did not have a picture... but we do.
  9. Watch out! Welder Alert! He sent the last two comments about three hours later. Trying to fish us in? You can go to the Bass Pro shop if thats your thing Ben.
  10. Justin hurt our feelings.
  11. Harrison is up for some fun.
  12. Derrick would make us a boat.
  13. How is "ok" a answer?
  14. Miles is fan of Tandy Leather. Radioshack bought Tandy Leather. Miles is still living in the 1980s.
  15. Mark is not a nice guy.
  16. Why is Philip stealing it? In what world is that line going to work on a human not named Philip?
  17. Not @dev but it was worth a shot.
  18. Rob is a bad boy. He wants some Hobby Lobby.
  19. Ryan wants us dead.
  20. We learned that guys are so thirsty, they would hit on a store. Bumble should start charging for water.