My Favorite Comic Books

In no particular order
  1. The big book of hell - Matt Groening
    A collection of the best "Life in hell" comics, This book had a large part in shaping my sense of humor. It covers almost any subject: childhood, love, work and a fez wearing gay couple.
  2. My New York diary - Julie Doucet
    A young woman in NY, her struggles in art school, bad boyfriends, it might sound familiar but it feels very new even 20 odd years later. This book also has a great virginity-losing story (which I always appreciate).
  3. Dirty Laundry - Robert Crumb and Ailne Kominsky Crumb
    In this twisted ,hilarious, perverse and honest series, the first couple of alternative comics bare all. The stories were written by both, and each one draws themselves.
  4. Watchmen - Alan Moore
    Maybe the greatest comic book of all time(!)
  5. The Moomin comics - Tove Jansson
    My favorite drawings of all time, paired with charming stories and funny characters. My yearbook quote is about the moomins: "Everyone wants to be Snufkin, but we are all Moomin".
  6. Love that bunch - Ailne Kominsky Crumb
    I just love her! I love the sort-of-ugly sort-of-beautiful drawings, and her ability to ridicule herself to no end. This collection of autobiographical stories will make you feel disgust and joy!
  7. Fluffy - Simone Lia
    So sweet and funny And original! I love how the format sometimes changes. It's ironic how real a story about a man raising a rabbit (as his child) can feel.
  8. Masterpiece Comics - Robert Sikoryak
    Where classic literature and cartoons collide! It's equal parts parody and homage to both.