Requested by Ella Naaman

My Favorite Movies to Watch When Sick in Bed

Hopefully these will make you feel better @ellaNaaman
  1. Pride and prejudice (only the 1995 bbc version!!)
    Being sick in bed is the perfect opportunity to watch six hours of this perfection
  2. Spirited Away
    But any other Studio Ghibli will do
  3. Life of Brian
  4. The adventures of baron Munchausen
    It's a visual masterpiece from the amazing Terry Gilliam
  5. Any pixar movie
    (Not Cars)
  6. When Harry met Sally
  7. What if
    Very sweet new(ish) romantic comedy. It stars the sweet Zoe kazan and Daniel Radcliffe
  8. Obvious child
    There is something cozy about it
  9. The Harry Potter movies
    Especially the first one!!
  10. Casablanca
    I'm not just saying this to sound smart!
  11. Prince of Egypt
  12. A brief encounter
    It's so sad but I love it, one of my all time favorites
  13. Annie Hall
  14. Girls Just want to have fun
    Sara Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt dance movie from 1985! It. Is. Glorious.