1. Mindy Lahiri-The Mindy Project
    Brown. Loves donuts. And other food in general. Rom Com fan. Not easy to manage. Extremely blind without glasses or contacts. Friends sometimes have no idea how to reply to what she says. Constantly having to create a reason why she's right. Used movie scenes to describe real life events. Exaggerates a lot of things. Lays down when stressed.
  2. Lorelai Gilmore(all three)-Gilmore Girls
    Grandmother Lorelai: Bossy. Demanding. Sarcastic. Reigning Lorelai:Talks a lot. Gets distracted easily. Bad eating habits. Not very handy. Requires a full night of sleep. Rory: Likes to read. Close with mom. Sometimes a little ignorant of life. Asian best friend. Makes pro con lists for every decision in life.
  3. Stanley Hudson-The Office
    Irritable. Only happy on days when there's free food.
  4. Elizabeth Bennett-Pride and Prejudice
    Smart. Witty. Father's favorite. Parents think there is no chance I'll ever get married. Limits friends to sister and other lady with some life experience.
  5. Jimmy Dugan-A League of Their Own
    Intolerant of crying. Mean. Loves baseball.
  6. Sheryl Yoast-Remember the Titans
    Always down to watch sports. Calls people sissies. Yells at athletes for not playing well. Covers face during intense moments of games. Unruly hair. Doesn't want to play with barbies.
  7. Danny Diaz-McFarland USA
    Always the slowest. Has to lay down after reaching the end of a race. Winner. Comes to save the day. Awesome. Hero