I am technically a middle child. Born 30minutes after my twin @debba_turner and 8 years before my baby sister (now 24) @cariturner. List inspired by the lovely @DawnCloud
  1. Looks like our second Christmas as twins.
    @debba_turner on the right with the jelly tots and me on the left with smarties. Remember this fact. Also the fact I'm in a nappy and she's wearing long pants to hide this fact.
  2. @debba_turner showing her displeasure at receiving the wrong kind of treat.
    She's very vocal about not appreciating my parents kind gesture to see us as individuals. I'm pretty non plussed as you can see.
  3. @debba_turner still on the right with the blue baby doll.
    She's pretending she likes it. It's all a ruse.
  4. The idea was that she got all the blue stuff and I got all the red stuff so we could tell what's what. Deb = blue. Me=red.
    She's already made her move. Note she's on the red bicycle and I'm on the blue. Completely unaware of her sneaky plan.
  5. She took it all. Look back at the first photo to see the plan unfolds. Take note of the nappy (diaper) to tell the difference.
    She now has all the red stuff including my smarties and is pleased as punch. I don't look like I want to punch her in the face but, if I could turn back time...
  6. Us 26 years later. That was 3 years ago (I've aged horribly and don't want to show it) jokes, this is just a nice pic.
    This is also the day she lost the stones out of my favourite vintage pair of earrings at our friend's wedding. I alm spy punched her in the face then too but now we're good.
  7. Yup we're all good
    A rare moment
  8. 8 years after the above @cariturner was born
    She hasn't done much in her 24 years of existence to make me sad. Here we are as a happy family.
  9. @cariturner is pretty much the coolest person I know.
    Photographer. Early adopter. Lover of puppies, coffee and Star Wars.
  10. Star Wars
  11. Puppies
  12. Here we are all together
    When you get to a certain age the gap fades away.
  13. Love you girls.
  14. <insert appropriate gif>