1. Burnt
    When? Last night. I loved and hated it. I hated Adam then loved him and kept trying to guess the chef in real life that he's most like. He makes Gordon Ramsay look like a puppy dog.
  2. Macbeth
    When? On Saturday night. I have to be honest that I've never read the play. I struggled to follow along and had to keep asking @debba_turner what was going on. Character names are very confusing. Not bad.
  3. Mistaken for Strangers
    When? A few weeks ago. A documentary about 'The National'. I loved it and not just because I love the National. Tom Berninger is so annoying that you actually end up loving him a little bit. But not as much as Matt. This is a favourite.
  4. I plan to watch 'The Wolfpack' tonight.
    It's been out every time I go to the DVD store. I do not have Netflix. It's only just arrived legally in South Africa.