1. Candy striper - my summer at 15
  2. Nurse's aide at retirement home. (Did not last long; I enjoyed hearing residents' stories more than I liked the job)
  3. I learned to put holes in cards like these (your phone and electric bills used to arrive on these) and...
  4. a job as a keypunch operator, working on one of these. Later, my job title morphed into data entry operator.
  5. Meanwhile, had done this most of my life. In my late thirties, went back to college, worked on a degree in English with a minor in music. Became a musician for the next few years.
  6. With early partner Richard, even did an album
  7. And then I got sick with a bad case of Graves' disease. It took about two years to regain some health. I'd been on the chunky side for much of life, but after this, I gained a lot of weight.
  8. Working with my Doc., I joined a weight loss program and followed an exercise program which really amped me. I lost 80+ pounds and became (eventually) a personal trainer. Prolly my fave job of all! I specialized in helping older women with fitness and...
  9. ...I wrote a book about my travels down this road.
  10. More on travels in another list later once husband and I retired ~