Missouri is a great place for bird-watching. Not only is STL on many migratory routes, there are some cool year-round residents. Here are birds I saw today (pics from the Cornell bird database)
  1. Black-capped Chickadee
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    Cute little birds, often the first to find new feeders (as they were at my house)
  2. Northern Cardinal (male)
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    Gorgeous and still really cool to see
  3. Northern Cardinal (female)
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    I'll admit - I have a soft spot for the females. While not as striking as the bright red males, they are beautiful and elegant birds.
  4. Red-bellied Woodpecker
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    Yes, Woody the Woodpecker
  5. Carolina Wren
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    These birds build really cool cave-like nests.
  6. Tufted Titmouse
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    These birds have a cool crest on their head
  7. Dark-eyed Junco
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    These guys hang out in groups on the ground and clean up all the bits the other birds toss out of the feeders
  8. Downy Woodpecker
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    Striking black and white bird, relatively small. One of the first birds I identified after moving here.
  9. Blue Jay
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    Loud and bossy
  10. House Finch
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    The finches I saw had slightly less red, but still interesting
  11. White-breasted Nuthatch
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    Looks like the Tufted Titmouse, but no crest
  12. Squirrel
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    Found this guy hanging off my feeder. Quickly added the squirrel sleeve I hadn't installed yet. We'll see how long it takes him to get around the deterrent.