1. Hi!
  2. So glad you're here!!
  3. If you'd like a few hints, please keep reading.
  4. If not, cool
  5. And Thank You, in advance!!! 🎉✨🎄💫🎅🎁
  6. Anything food or drink related
    I love to cook, eat, drink, make espresso and coffee. Check out @eatthelove's list at 🎄🎁🎅🏻 What I Would Give You if I Got Your Name for the Secret Santa Game 🎅🏻🎁🎄
  7. Something that makes your life easier
    I travel for work, a lot, so I love to learn from others what makes their lives easier / better
  8. Things you've seen on other hint lists - books or music you love, local stuff, something that makes you happy!
  9. Anything the creative and fun mind of a ListApper can dream up! 🤔
  10. Thanks @ChrisK for the wonderful way to connect with our fellow @list-ers SIGN UP FOR LIST APP SECRET SANTA 🎄