Inspired by @zoe
  1. Sandwich
    Nope, don't really like sandwiches, unless they are outstanding Italian grinders, hold the onion. Or an amazing grilled cheese...
  2. Mixed drink
    Dirty vodka martini, three olives, very cold.
  3. Wrap
    Double nope, hate wraps more than sandwiches. I'll take any salad over a wrap, all day long.
  4. Pizza
    Pepperoni, green bell pepper, black olive. Preferrably from Wise Guys in Orange, CA. Add red pepper flakes and/or sriracha at will.
  5. Sushi order
    Omakase. Sashimi with rice and lots of ginger at a minimum. Low sodium soy.
  6. Ice cream
    Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip or pralines and cream. Or Oberweis espresso caramel chip. Or all three!
  7. Starbucks
    Grande flat white. Or, I'll just make it at home, thanks.
  8. Massage
    Yes, please.
  9. Birthday
    Dinner with friends, especially my friends who also have October birthdays.
  10. Workout routine
    A hike / walk in nature...or elliptical or Bar Method when I'm being realistic about my available time.
  11. Vacation
    Save Kona happy place.