Merry Christmas @list-ers! Sending special wishes to my Secret Santa circle - @simplyshelli, @laurah, and @ChrisK! 🎄🎁✨🎅🏻
  1. Source of secret family recipes....j/k, actually a source of hilarity and feeling grateful that 18 kinds of Christmas cookies is no longer the minimum benchmark for failure!
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  2. The parent's tree
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  3. My mom will play occasionally
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  4. My brother-in-law sent this picture of his white lab - cute!!
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  5. My niece playing peek-a-boo with a box lid. Adorable!
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  6. The lunch snack spread - Norwegian and French heritage on display
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  7. Christmas roast...yummy
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  8. SNOW!!!! ❄️
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  9. The feast
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  10. The requisite wine stain, after my adorable niece attempted the "pull the tablecloth out from under the dishes" magic trick (her new nickname is Lightning Lil)
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