I've been traveling a lot lately, so here is a list to honor the occasion. ✈️
  1. SkyMall
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    It. Is. Back!
  2. Tarmac
  3. Low and tight
    The new key phrase about seatbelts, probably the result of some lawsuit.
  4. Lavatory
  5. TSA
  6. 3 ounces
    Limited liquids is a pain, but forces efficiency...do I really need that third hair product?
  7. Concourse
    This word takes me to the jet age, where you could still fly Pan Am, but should wear a hat, your best dress, and gloves to do so.
  8. Baggage Claim
    Who wants to claim baggage outside of travel? Not me!
  9. Jetway / Jetbridge
  10. Personal device entertainment
    Cheaper for the airlines - BYOPD
  11. Safety Video / Demonstration
  12. Airplane mode