1. The theme building at LAX getting into the Pantone colors of 2016 spirit
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  2. In-n-Out!!
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  3. A lot of the 110; could have walked to LAX faster
  4. A dusting of snow on the San Gabriel mountains
  5. A guy driving around with a perpetual parking ticket on his windshield
    Dude, once it gets wet from the rain last night no parking enforcement lady is going to buy it.
  6. A drive through Chinatown to avoid traffic on the 110
  7. That the construction at Terminal 1 at LAX is STILL going on!
  8. The candy store in T1 is selling these...
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    Yes, gummy bears in champagne flavors!!!
  9. Still a lot of Justin Bieber / 1D haircuts, really guys??!?!
  10. Not seen, but heard, my beloved KCRW "in the wild". I sure miss hearing it every day in the car!
  11. My much needed drink ticket for the flight home
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