Oooh I love the idea of this... I can feed my list addiction in a sleek and more cohesive way...
  1. Grocery lists!
    In N Out, Poquito Mas, Lean Pockets (what, I'm trying to be healthy)
  2. Lists about tv shows I should watch but dont
    Guys I realize West Wing is probably like, incredible or life changing, but eight seasons? Who makes that kind of commitment? I can't stick to the same brand of mascara for even six months, let alone eight seasons!
  3. Lists of all the hippest places in LA
    Coffee shop coffee shop coffee shop
  4. Lists of movies
    To remind me how much more time I can waste on my couch
  5. Lists about all the guys I find hot
    What's up, Adam Driver and also Gary Oldman.
  6. So many lists! I am mucho excited.