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  1. Yawn
  2. Don't drink coffee sip water
  3. Think about the enormity of space and time and the universe and whether what you're about to do matters bc it doesn't
  1. Sadiki Fuller, an aspiring mascot, heard thru a friend (the Houston Rockets mascot), the Warriors were hiring
  2. It was 1997. The Warriors had just let go of a short-lived mascot Berseker, who was not just unpopular but parts of his costume (rumor has it) were actually made of asbestos type material
  3. The Warriors named him ThunderBolt - and he became part of the logo
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  1. The Oklahoma City Thunder are such a first-class organization they give you a cake to enjoy looking at AND a separate cake just for eating.
  2. The Warriors had an impressive salad bar every night - but almost everyone had to pay $7 to access it. Worth it.
  3. This might come as a shock but there are almost no direct flights between Cleveland and the Bay Area.
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