Non-basketball things I learned while covering the NBA playoffs

  1. The Oklahoma City Thunder are such a first-class organization they give you a cake to enjoy looking at AND a separate cake just for eating.
  2. The Warriors had an impressive salad bar every night - but almost everyone had to pay $7 to access it. Worth it.
  3. This might come as a shock but there are almost no direct flights between Cleveland and the Bay Area.
  4. There is a museum devoted to A Christmas Story in a neighborhood called Tremont, in Cleveland.
  5. The neighborhood where the OKC basketball arena is located is unfortunately named Bricktown.
  6. Edward Gaylord, Oklahoma's richest man, set up a cowboy museum on the edge of town, where there is a street set up to look exactly like it was 1882. The bar serves sarsaparilla.
  7. I did a story on the Warriors old mascot, named Thunder - he rappelled from the ceiling every night for 5 years and once prank held up a bank.