1. Sadiki Fuller, an aspiring mascot, heard thru a friend (the Houston Rockets mascot), the Warriors were hiring
  2. It was 1997. The Warriors had just let go of a short-lived mascot Berseker, who was not just unpopular but parts of his costume (rumor has it) were actually made of asbestos type material
  3. The Warriors named him ThunderBolt - and he became part of the logo
  4. One week after he was hired, the team's best player, Latrell Sprewell choked the head coach PJ Carlesimo at practice - Sprewell never played as a Warrior again
  5. Fuller knew he had to build excitement
  6. He decided it would be a great idea to go into the bank that was in the Warriors' HQ downtown, and that's what he did, in full costume. He said "This is a stickup!"
  7. Then he said "Go Warriors!" and cartwheeled out. "I didn't go to jail," he said "they just told me never to do that again."
  8. He stayed there for 5 years - the team never made the playoffs or had an all star player. "Those were the best years of my life"