Bought a ticket on Wednesday for a Friday Redeye to Mexico City. Here's what I did.
  1. Stayed at Hotel Parque México
    In the Surrealist Wing, appropriately.
  2. Breakfast included in the rooftop restaurant/bar overlooking Parque México
  3. Blend Station in La Condesa
    Had a Flat White with Almond Milk. This place was the most serene coffee shop. There's an open air skylight and a tree growing in the sitting area. I was soon to find out that most inside places were also outside and filled with plants.
  4. Roxy Nieveria in La Condesa
    This ice cream shop was established in 1952 and when you feel like you stepped back in time when you come here. I had the Nuez cone which is my favorite Mexican ice cream. Mexican ice cream puts all your artisan McConnell's and crap to shame!
  5. El Péndulo in La Condesa
    This cafe/bookstore was a lovely retreat from all the walking I did. There's a full restaurant as well as musicians playing while you either shop or eat.
  6. La Casa Azul / Museo Frida Kahlo
    Reason 1 for my quick weekend in Mexico. I broke down at the start of the exhibit after seeing a page from her sketchbook with a drawing and a now famous quote. Took time in her garden to compose myself before returning. Frida's ghost is strong and this is a magical and special place.
  7. Mercado Roma in Colonia Roma
    Similar to DTLA's Grand Central Market, this market has delicious artisan shops amd eateries. It's also packed on a Saturday afternoon. I bought some Jamaica and Lavender Marshmallows that I ate on the plane ride home. Also more plants, and outside on the inside area!
  8. Street Art in Colonia Roma
    Mexico City has some of the most vibrant street art. Walking around and getting lost in the streets is like walking around a museum.
  9. Romita Comedor in Colonia Roma
    Reason 2 for coming to Mexico. I found a photo similar to the one I took on Pinterest and I knew I had to be here. The food is delicious and being here felt so good.
  10. Downtown Hotel Mexico
    Popped in to see what this hotel and rooftop bar looked like. The building the hotel is in has been there since the 1700's. It's been beautifully restored and you can feel the weight of the centuries when you step inside.
  11. Zócalo
    Spent some time watching the Mexican flag wave in the Zocalo before heading back to my hotel and bed. I had a bit of a moment here as I thought about my heritage and how I don't spend enough time in this country.
  12. Brunch at Lalo! in Colonia Roma
    Found this place on a blog and thought it would be a colorful way to spend Sunday morning. Food is organic and delicious. Coffee comes in these head sized mugs. I was seated at a long communal table where I struck up conversations with the people sitting at either side of me.
  13. Museo de Arte Moderno
    Free on Sundays! Spent some time walking around this small museum. Such a beautiful place to see Mexican Modern Art.
  14. Cafe Boicot in La Condesa
    Had a cold brew here which was like cocaine. Seriously watch out when you have Mexican cold brew or don't if you wanna have a little hold in your step and seed in your speech.
  15. Artisan Markets in La Condesa
    Stumbled into a few artisan markets and bought some jewelry.
  16. Fonda Fina in La Condesa
    Another restaurant I found on a blog. This by far was the best meal I had. It's a tamale stuffed chile with chicharron on top and an aquacate salad. This place is A++++
  17. Parque México
    Walked around this beautiful park until I had to leave for the airport. It's very full on a Sunday afternoon. It has a huge dog park in it and it made me miss my lil pooch at home.