1. O
    Shit. I forgot his name. But it was in my east village apartment and he had the word Veritas tattooed on his back in block letters. He was fun. We did it for a few months. He had just graduated NYU and I was the older woman.
  2. Drink
    3 yo at my aunt's wedding. There's a pic of me hammered after sipping what was left in other peoples glasses while they danced.
  3. Movie
    18. I sent my headshot to a listing in Backstage and was cast as the waitress who goes home with a customer and gets killed. It was a suspense horror starring Dana Plato and Martin Sheen's brother.
  4. Kiss
    Michael Bailey outside my house in the 8th grade. I had braces and he had big lips. It was wet and gross.
  5. Love
    charley. We're friends on instagram and my heart drops into my cervix when he likes one of my photos.
  6. Broken heart
    Elliott. I cried for over a year afterward.
  7. Celebrity crush
    Carlitos Espejel - 5 years old. there's a picture I have with him. taken when the variety show, Chiquilladas, he was a part of came to the small mexican town I lived in.
  8. Job
    Gap. The year reality bites came out. The only part about me that was cool in HS.
  9. Language
  10. Car
    My grandmother's Nissan Sentra. I then sold it to a friend who sold it to another friend who painted it blue. It's still drives around somewhere in Glendora.
  11. Concert
    Menudo. The original non-Ricky Martin line up.
  12. Hangover
    Age 15. Instead of a quinciañera, my mom took me to Acapulco to celebrate my birthday. Spent the eve with her at a discoteca drinking a screwdriver. The next morning I felt dry and sick, but that didn't stop me from going parasailing!
  13. Record bought
    David Bowie Let's Dance. Actually it was a cassette and it cost $6 at Sam Goody.
  14. Marijuana experience
    Ziggy Marley concert I begged my mom to take me to. I smelled it but didn't see it. I was maybe 9.
  15. Trip alone
    The first Austin City Limits festival in 2002. Wilco, Ryan Adams, Jayhawks, Gillian Welch and bluegrass. Americana heaven. I met friends in the Hot Dog line who showed me the town in the eves.