Art? I Passed on at the Thrift Store Today

And the one piece I did buy.
  1. This collage of females and fish and female heads on fish bodies and fish bodies with female heads
  2. This bronze portrait of a woman being stood up for dinner?
    This so sad and so weird. Does the flower look dead to you?
  3. A tray with a photos of a couple who loved each other.
    This one made me sad. What happened to them that the photos weren't taken out of the tray before it was donated?
  4. This clock.
    My teenage self would probably have bought this because it sorta looks like james dean, but I couldn't bring myself to shell $3.50 on this. Even if the clock worked.
  5. A framed photo of one of the greatest novelists of all time
  6. The world is full of hope
    Was the caption of this illustration that creeped me out!!
  7. This.
    So sad. Whoever buys this will probably make it into an inspiration poster and put it on Pinterest or something.
  8. Okay I ALMOST bought this.
    It makes me laugh so much!
  9. And this is the piece I bought.
    Because it kinda reminded me of Calder and I think there's a political US/Japanese thing going on in there which I love.