In order of quality
  1. G&B
    Opened by champion baristas. Everything about their coffee is great. The kinds of espresso they use (Ritual), the location, the bar, etc.
  2. Go Get em Tiger
    From the guys of G&B so obv it's great.
  3. Blacktop coffee
    Opened by Tyler Wells of Handsome Coffee (RIP). The white style coffee is my favorite. Tiny little place but benches right outside.
  4. Bru
    Their pour over coffee is pretty much the best. (I'm pretty partial to Ritual beans though)
  5. Cafecito Organico
    The coffee is locally sourced and roasted and it's damn good.
  6. Broome St. General Store
    They serve gimme! espresso from NY. There's a patio you can sit in all day if you wanted. Staff are also very nice.
  7. Coffee Commissary
    Good coffee with different roasts. Personally like their Victrola beans.