1. 732 - number of emails I've sent regarding SDCC In the month of June alone.
  2. 4 - years I've worked SDCC including this year
  3. I'd probably never attend SDCC if I didn't go for work
  4. 4 - hours it took me to drive back from SD after CC last year
  5. 0 - times I've cosplayed
    ...at any CC
  6. Weirdest task I've been given
    Escorting the 11th Doctor Matt Smith to the restroom and waiting till he was done to escort him back to the interview he was in the middle of.
  7. Most surreal moment
    Last year my boss got mobbed with me and the MUA in tow. It was a frightening, awesome, and overwhelming experience to be surrounded by so many people not knowing if you'd make it out alive. Nerds are no joke!
  8. Adam West - Nerd Celeb I got nervous meeting.
  9. Luna bars and gum - things I pack to take to act as meal replacements.
  10. 2 - number of charger packs I take along.
    16 hour days.
  11. 5 - times I go to Starbucks in a day. Roughly.
  12. I get giddy when I spot Doctor Who character cosplay
  13. I get excited to go every year even though it's so much work and days are super long.
  14. Most uncomfortable moment
    In a conversation with Lou Ferigno I mentioned that we have the same birthday. His reply as he put his hand on my shoulder and stared at me straight in the eyes, "so what do you think about being an intense and sensual Scorpio?"
  15. Most Favorite moment at SDCC. Ever.
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