Things that happen on, or as a result of flying red eyes
  1. Your neighbor's shoulder starts to look much like a coveted comfy pillow
    But you refrain
  2. You feel sick the last hour of the flight
    Puzzled by it all day. Then realized it was turbulence that caused it and now I am on the lookout for motion sickness remedies for next time.
  3. Holding 'it' so you don't wake up your neighbor on the aisle
  4. There's always someone snoring way too loud.
  5. 2 hours of sleep, if your lucky
  6. Always a beautiful sunrise
  7. Two days, two cities in the same clothes.
  8. You burn your hand on Dunkin Donuts coffee in the AM because you only slept 2 hours.
    This never happens at Starbucks.