1. Shop for new clothes
    Go into stores you don't normally shop in and pull things from the racks you wouldn't normally try on. Buy 75% or it knowing that you're not quite sure you can pull them off yet, so wear them with the tags hidden away just in case you need to return them.
  2. Shop for new shoes
    Super score at the over-priced shoe store by your apt. You weren't planning to walk your dog up that street, but good that you did. Good thing you grabbed your credit card before leaving the house "just in case". Usually that just in case is meant for a cup of coffee. Did you know that you can use you can pull up your LinkedIn profile and use it as a valid form of ID?
  3. Get a new hair do
    Go to a salon where they cut just a little too much off and you wonder if you can rock this kinda androgynous look. Then quickly look up 90's Winona Ryder photos and are totally relieved, inspired, and feel kinda cool for the first time in a long while.