1. Big Wednesday
    I watched this movie every summer at surf camp. It's california. It's surfing. it's growing up and taking responsibility. It's politics I didn't understand until way after my camp going days were done.
  2. Amelie
    It's like this movie was written from and for the valves of my heart. When I first travelled to Paris, I travelled alone and stayed in Montmartre. The first thing I did when I arrived was walk into a salon and cut off all my hair just like her.
  3. Modern Times
    I remember watching this movie for the first time on television when I was 8 or 9. At that time, it was just luck if a Chaplin movie came on. I'd watch AMC fanatically hoping for one. I know it's a silent, but this movie really holds up. Politically and socially. This movie started my obsession with Chaplin and my want to be Paulette Goddard.
  4. Imitation of Life
    I think this may have been the first movie I ever cried watching. Parts of it hit way too close to home. Last year it was playing at a bar, and even with the sound off, both myself and the friend I was with cried into our cocktails.