1. Continued my unintentional reinvention and bought 5 NEW dresses!
    From a store that sells NEW clothing. Not a thrift, resale, or vintage shop. You have no idea how huge this is.
  2. Took a bubble bath for the first time since 2005!
    You guys! Baths are rad! Why was I denying myself this amazing treat for so long!
  3. Made a perfect steak dinner for 2.
    Ate for only 1 after being rescheduled to Monday.
  4. Went to LA Zine Fest and was incredibly inspired.
    Picked up some new art as well!
  5. Bought Girl Scout cookies and only ate 2.
    Damn those girls!!! Okay I ate 4.
  6. Drank a soy latte for the first time in over 2 years.
    I had this theory that soy was screwing with my hormone levels so I stopped drinking/eating it. But this morning, I woke up feeling adventurous.
  7. Saw a baby in a stroller at the store and suddenly asked myself "what if it's time?"
    Does my body think it's time? I must be watching too much Call The Midwife.