Menu for the NYE dinner and cocktail party I'm hosting.
  1. Pierna de Puerco
    Pork leg - broiled to a "no need for a knife" perfection. Mom's recipe. A New Year's Eve family tradition.
  2. Fried gnocchi with rosemary and Romano cheese.
  3. Brussels Sprouts
    Thyme, cranberry, and walnuts mixed in with Brussels Sprouts quarters. Lightly crisped in vinegar.
  4. Butternut squash
    Baked with a little salt and nutmeg.
  5. Black Kale Salad
    Made with homemade vinaigrette, pine nuts, strawberries, and soft goat cheese crumble.
  6. Chocolate and Zuccini cake
    For dessert. To be made the night before.
  7. Mixed Berry Pie
    With fluffy whipped cream. Also for dessert. To be made the night before.